Latchback Installation Instructions

Installing the Latchback is quick and easy for your convenience.

Watch the video and follow the instructions to install your new Latchback product. Installation is easy and ready to use instantly.

  1. Close door all the way
  2. Place cardboard cutout on the door 54” above the floor.
  3. Drill through the door with a 3/8 bit for the center hole and 7/32 bit for the other holes. Caution- Make sure that the bits should not hit the glass.
  4. Connect the two handles using the included screws. Ensure the interior handle (with the disengage button) is inside. NOTE: The spacers have two functions.
    • Doors that are thinner than 1-3/4 inch require a space attachment on the exterior portion of the Latchback.
    • Some Interior door frames that have a thick lip may require a spacer on the interior portion of the Latchback, in order to clear the frame.
  5. Slide the latch under the hook/tongue and drill the latch into the wall. Note: the latch spacers are used when the latch is too far from the hook.
  6. To disengage the Latchback turn to the left until you hear a click. To reengage the Latchback, push the button on bottom left hand corner.

If you are having issues installing your new Slideback product, contact us for help.

For installation assistance, please contact us at or call us at (848) 480-1737.