Slideback Installation Instructions

Installing the Slideback is quick and easy for your convenience.

Watch the video and follow the instructions below to install your new Slideback product. Installation is easy and ready to use instantly.

  1. Make sure the tracks are clean.
  2. Install 2 inches from the end of the door.
  3. Drill in the screws.
  4. Assemble fork bracket.
  5. Mark the spot for the screws.
  6. Drill in the fork bracket.
  7. Connect the Slideback.
  8. Slip on the decorative cover.
  9. Adjust speed. For optimal glide add lubricant to tracks.
  10. Unscrew fork bracket to disable Slideback.

If you are having issues installing your new Slideback product, contact us for help.

For installation assistance, please contact us at or call us at (848) 480-1737.