The Slideback by Innovative Door Solutions is an automatic sliding door closer. Compressed air using advanced pneumatic technology powers door closings, removing the need for electricity. While in use, the Slideback glides smoothly and effortlessly and creates minimal noise upon closing impact.

The Slideback can easily be temporarily disabled, and the speed of closure can be adjusted. No maintenance or adjustments need to be made after installation.

The Slideback has been around for more than 15 years. Across the globe a variety of sliding doors use this innovative sliding door closer. The Slideback has been tested to work for at least 100,000 cycles and comes with a 1 year warranty.

Innovative Door Solutions Is USA’s Lone Distributor of the Slideback Automatic Patio Door Closer – the energy efficient automatic sliding patio door closer that glides smoothly and effortlessly and creates minimal noise upon closing impact. Protects your Children and your Pets Reduces Energy Costs NO MORE PESKY INSECTS!! Closes Sliding Doors Automatically Quick and Easy Installation No Electricity Needed 100,000 Cycles Guaranteed 1 Year Warranty Adjustable Closing Speed Decorative Casing Release Latch to Disable the Slide-back Available for purchase on our website.


REDUCES ENERGY COSTS: Busy adults and families with children tend to leave doors open while running in and out of the house. The Slideback is an efficient and affordable way to ensure patio doors are not left open unnecessarily. The less you pay in electricity bills, the more money remains in your wallet.

According to the US government studies on energy conservation, 25%-30% of heating/air conditioning loss occurs through windows and advises homeowners to ensure that loss of energy doesn’t occur through doors as well. These staggering numbers do not include doors that are left open carelessly and unnecessarily.

GO GREEN: Join the movement that promotes the preservation of our environment by not wasting energy, a precious resource.

CHILD AND PET SAFETY: The Slideback protects your little ones and pets from wandering out through a door left open unintentionally.

POOL SAFETY: Pool safety codes in many municipalities require that doors leading to pools have automatic closing capabilities.

PEACE OF MIND: The Slideback will ensure that pesky insects (i.e. flies and mosquitoes) and wildlife from entering your home uninvited.

IN HOME SLIDING DOORS: Pocket doors and barn doors can use the Slideback to increase privacy and prevent heating and air conditioning loss.


Quick and easy installation
Closes sliding doors automatically
100,000 cycles tested
Electricity is not needed
Adjustable closing speed
Decorative casing included for a smooth finish presentation
Release latch to disable the Slideback
Body length: 28”
Suitable for 5′-6′ doors (30″-36″ panel)



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